Give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence  -Unknown. This quote was sent to me by a wise and dear friend. I like the line and it speaks to me about being simple and accepting people where they are.

I am also reminded of the line from Walt Whitman: Do not teach a pig to sing, it annoys the pig and wastes your time.  (This has been a favorite of mine for a long time)

On this eve of a day where there is a lot of gift giving, I pause and think about what is it I am giving? Is it the trinket, regardless of size or expense, that will somehow impress or remind the receiver that through my gift the receiver is important to me? Is there an agenda behind the gift? Am I giving something that my receiver simply needs or wants? Or, am I actually giving the gift of myself and using this objects to convey my thoughts and feelings?  What is the motive of my gift giving? Why am I making this gift to this person at this time?  What am I saying?

Ultimately, it is my presence or the absence of myself that is the real gift.

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